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I am a Fullstack & Systems Engineer who enjoys designing approachable interfaces and cost-effective, managible infrastructure with small teams. I often think about ways to optimize development workflows for collaboration, distribution, and individual ability to understand a project in its entirety.

I have worked in event analytics, open-source intelligence, network and application pen-testing, remote support software, manufacturing automation and validation, and bioinformatics.

In these roles I have architected IoT computer-vision systems and resultant web-app data visualizations; maintained, packaged, and deployed micro-services ingesting from 45+ media sources as well as oversee incident on-call and escalation schedules; performed service discovery and privilege escalations on enterprise networks, documented findings for client reports, and developed security operation center (SOC) services; implemented extended security features, such as ALPN and syslog-ng TLS, for remote desktop appliances; written test harnesses for server equipment (Dell/EMC/Isilon) in proprietary scripting languages; and assisted researchers in deploying genome sequencing and analysis jobs to High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters.

This has lead me to touch a number of languages, platforms, and hardware. My favorites, thus far, have been those utilizing Linux, containers, serverless runtimes, and Nvidia Jetsons.